Gossip Girl Stylist Eric Daman collaborates with Atelier Swarovski

April 5, 2012
By Sheryl Blasnik

Eric Daman for Swarovski


Gossip Girl costume designer and Emmy award winner Eric Daman is a significant fashion stylist whose influence in fashion is undeniable.

Daman was born in Paris, grew up in Michigan, and went on to study French literature at the Sorbonne.  While in Paris he met famed editorial Photographer Steven Meisel.

Eric Daman for Atelier Swarovski

Daman made his transition out of modelling after moving to the United States and taking a job as an assistant to Patricia Field on three series of ‘Sex and the City.

Eric has also published a ‘Style Guide’ named ‘You Know You Want It’ earning him a reputation as a trend setter. His influence in fashion has lead to designing party dress collections for Charlotte Russe, a menswear collaboration with Macys and most recently a capsule collection of tights for DKNY leg wear.

Eric Daman for Atelier Swarovski

In designing a luxury accessories collection for Atelier Swarovski’s Spring Summer 2012 range, Eric Daman’s ‘Native Modern’ collection fuses an ancient theme with the pioneering spirit of Swarovski. The latest Swarovski crystal mosaic and ceramic are combined with American Indian aesthetics. The show-stopping jewelry line creates impact through use of bright hues and textural diversity finished with antique detailing on the metalwork which adds to the tribal feel.

Eric Daman for Atelier Swarovski

I was very inspired by the mosaic and ceramic stones in Swarovski’s newest collection. They felt so modern and a very fresh take on the crystals we are so used to seeing. Swarovski is such a pioneer and so iconic that I really wanted to represent the brand as such with my designs. Fusing the new technology with an ancient native influence seemed like the perfect combination. The rich turquoise and opals of their new stones combined with the brilliance of deep Indian reds and yellows punctuated by Aurora Borealis crystals really brought the designs to life and stay true to my original native meets modern inspiration“, he stated.

To shop the collection visit Atelier Swarovski

Photos: Atelier Swarowski


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