Applause for Lady Gaga’s five costume changes opening the 2013 VMA’s

August 27, 2013
By Sheryl Blasnik

We waited to see who could create the greatest amount of buzz at the MTV VMA’s held at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn on Sunday, Aug 25th. Would it be Miley Cyrus “twerking” on stage with Robin Thicke or the In Sync reunion performance? It is a high bar to compete with when it comes to the MTV Video Music Awards.

This year it was the opening act of the VMA’s that left celebrities and performers with their jaws dropped to the floor. The expression caught on the faces of Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith and their two children said it all. O-M-G

Lady Gaga Nun at VMA 2013

Lady Gaga started the show performing her new “Artpop” single “Applause.” Dressed as a nun in a white robe with a foam egg shaped cutout mask that only allowed her face to pop out and a pearl strand necklace, this opening look was reminiscent of one of her outfits from the Born This Way Ball.

Lady Gaga in sequin catsuit at VMA 2013

That was quickly stripped off by a cast of male performers while Lady Gaga continued on with her lyrics. Under the white robe she wore a black sequin catsuit with black tights and a black wig cap.

Lady Gaga in blue suit at VMA 2013

Next up for the Mother Monster was a blue sequin 2 piece skirt and matching blazer with some serious shoulder padding which was snapped in front. A platinum blond bob wig was added to the ensemble. This was referencing her Fame Days.

Lady Gaga wearing bodysuit at VMA 2013

Then it was back to the black sequin catsuit as colorful paint streaks were applied to Lady Gaga’s face and a yellow wig replaced the platinum blond wig. Gaga’s inspiration came from her “Telephone” music video with Beyoncé and “Born This Way.” The face paint was her first “artpop” era reveal.

Lady Gaga in shell bikini at VMA 2013

Then came the moment we all gasped. The performer emerged from behind a curtain wearing nothing more than a white clamshell bra and a thong covered in flowers. Gaga chose to remain in her bra and thong as she took her seat for the remainder of the show.

Lady Gaga finale at VMA 2013

Each costume change represented the various stages of Lady Gaga’s career. I think little monsters can rejoice as the singer who grew up in nearby New York City is not going away anytime soon.

A video from the entire performance can be viewed here or on



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Sheryl Blasnik


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