Shoes of Prey coming to Nordstrom at Paramus, NJ

March 23, 2015
By Sheryl Blasnik

Shoes of Prey in store

Having trouble finding the perfect shoe to match that new floral sleeveless dress you just bought for Spring? Then you are going to want to hear this. The new DIY of shoes has arrived. Shoes of Prey, a retail brand that enables shoppers to design their own shoes, is opening a shoe studio at the Nordstrom store located in Garden State Plaza Mall on Route 17 in Paramus, NJ. In partnering with Nordstrom, Shoes of Prey has the opportunity to tap into Nordstrom’s legendary customer service and expand on giving their customers exactly what they want, when they want it. For shoppers whose size isn’t in stock or the the styles of the season don’t suit their personal taste, the design your own shoes concept solves this problem and encourages women to curate a collection of shoes to suit all aspects of their life. Essentially you can now have Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection in your very own closet.

How does it work? Nestled in the back of the shoe department will be lavishly furnished studio area with a shoe-wall exhibiting some of the diverse styles and options available to pick from. A central table decorated with a large blooming plant made of shoes of course will have multiple iPads to design your shoes featuring the brand’s 3-D designer for picking the shape, color and the heel height, and within reach are boxes containing swatches of 170-plus materials for customers to play with and get a feel for how the different combinations and textures work together. Expert “shoe stylists” are available to guide each shoe-lover through the process so that they can create the exact combination that reflects their personal style and fashion needs. Once finalized and purchased, the designs are all hand-made and sent directly to the customer’s home in less than four weeks.

We’re always looking for the best merchandise and experiences for our customers and we know there is something special about finding just the right pair of shoes,” said Scott Meden, Nordstrom EVP and GMM of Shoes. “We’re excited for our customers to experience firsthand a chance to design their own pair.

With over 70 trillion possible combinations to pick from you can now live your life in the shoes you always dreamed of. The Shoes of Prey studio at Nordstrom will launch on April 9 in New Jersey. Until then visit to start your inspiration flowing and put your best foot forward.


Addendum added on April 10: Join Co-Founder of Shoes of Prey Jodie Fox for a special Shoe School at Nordstrom GSP on April 11 from 1pm to 2pm. Jodie will give you the scoop on how their shoes are made, tips on color coordinating and more. With tons of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, extended sizes and stylists to help you, it’s easy and fun to create the perfect pair.  Register at Eventbrite and get a $50 gift certificate for attending.

Sheryl Blasnik


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