Motorola taps Jonathan Adler to design fashion-forward phones

January 17, 2016
By Sheryl Blasnik

I have always been one to choose the road less traveled. My personal style, from what I wear to the interior design of my home, is very modern, sleek and contemporary.  I have always been drawn to art imitating life and it is reflected all around me. Even when it comes to what I carry in my handbag I strongly believe in the power of self-expression, from my cosmetics to my wallet to my phone. Now it is time to introduce the latest in fashion-forward technology. Motorola has collaborated with iconic American designer Jonathan Adler to design three stunning Moto X Pure Edition cell phones. No need to go out and buy an expensive case for your new phone with these designs. In a world where we can do everything on one device these sleek and stylish phones will have your phone out and about as much as possible.

Motorola X Jonathan Adler

“Jonathan Adler’s designs span furnishings to fashion. Now, he brings his penchant for impeccable craftsmanship and irreverent luxury to personal technology in an inspired collaboration with Motorola. He created three limited editions of the Moto X Pure Edition. Choose the style that fits you.”

Not only is the Moto X Pure Edition a terrific accessory to your wardrobe but with the ability to purchase a phone and pick from any service provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc) this is a winning decision. These phones come with 32GB of storage so there is enough space to store and instantly share all those photos you snapped on the go to Instagram and Facebook.

Motorola X Jonathan Adler

Product Features include:
• Top-rated 21 MP camera
• All day battery
• TurboPower for the world’s fastest charging
• A stunning 5.7” Quad HD display
• Front-facing stereo speakers deliver crisp, clear, and powerful audio
• Advanced water protection so spills, splashes, or rain won’t ruin your day
• It’s unlocked, which means you can use your Moto X on any network, and switch carriers whenever you want – without having to buy a new phone.

Which design is your favorite? These phones are only available for a limited time. Visit Motorola to purchase your new phone and go wild with abandon!! Follow and share on social media with hashtags #XOmotoX and #XOJonathan.

Photos: Courtesy of Motorola

Sheryl Blasnik


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