Marc Jacobs Over The Rainbow: NY Fashion Week Fall 2010

February 27, 2010
By Sheryl Blasnik


I know why the caged bird sings, 56 caged birds to be more exact.

On Monday, February 15th, Marc Jacobs presented his Fall 2010 collection in a most unusual way.  Upon entering the Lexington Armory there stood a box shrouded in paper.  As the lights dimmed and the guests scurried to take their seats the paper was torn and 56 lady like models were revealed.  Mixed lyrics from “Over The Rainbow” started and the first model stepped out of the box and started her way down the runway toward the guests and the crowd of photographers awaiting that first look.

What can I say about the collection?  It was the All-American girl.  Gray was the predominant color which faded to lemon yellow as the pure and simple RTW line transitioned into a more elegant evening look.  Despite the conservative feel of the collection with hemlines that fell below the knee and librarian sweaters there was a mix of fur on the coats and one sparkly trench with a thick fur collar that I am sure many guests were lusting for.  The models clutched delicate chain strapped purses some trimmed with fur.  The hair and make-up was simple and effortless matching the traditional muted colors of the garments.

These were gorgeous, real clothes that were beautifully done,” said Joe Zee, creative director for Elle magazine. “Don’t you walk away feeling elated? Isn’t that the whole point of fashion?”

The clothes were easy on the eye and easy to wear compared with Marc’s previous collections.  Was the designer having an inner stream of consciousness projecting forward to the next exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute whose theme is aptly called …  American Women: Fashioning a National Identity.  The exhibit is set to open on May 5th, 2010 with the Gala Ball scheduled to take place on May 3rd. Perhaps? Only time will tell.

To really get a sense of the collection and the presentation you must watch it. Photos simply do not do it justice so sit back and enjoy the entire uncut version.


Sheryl Blasnik



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