NY Fashion Week Spring 2012: Custo Barcelona runway review

September 21, 2011
By Sheryl Blasnik

Holy Kaleidoscope!!  Custo Dalmau, the Spanish fashion designer behind the Custo Barcelona brand, showed his Spring 2012 collection to an audience of editors, buyers, stylists and bloggers wearing 3-D glasses at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  The show was titled “TRIPOLAR” and broken into 3 parts. Known for his use of bold and bright painted fabrics he presented a collection with an explosion of color patterns.

Custo Barcelona Spring 2012

The opening theme offered androgynous casual looks to a theme called DUAL.  Male and Female models walked together in matching looks that were dominated by modern and contemporary graphic prints. There were embellishments added to create shimmering textures that resembled mirrors and holographic detailing.  This segment consisted of trousers, slouchy tops, tank tops, shorts and miniskirts.

Custo Barcelona Spring 2012

The second part of the show was inspired by prints that looked like mirrored reflections seen through a Kaleidoscope.  This segment was aptly named KALEIDOSCOPIO. Here we saw patchwork fabrics that felt much like we had been taken on a journey to a geometrical universe.  One print even had a set of hands reaching from the back to the front of the garment.  In this segment there were bathing suits worn with tiny waist clutches, shorts, tops, kaftans and short flowing dresses.

Custo Barcelona Spring 2012

Ending the show was evening wear in a segment the designer called MIRAME.  This is where the 3-D glasses went on.  Evening wear was designed using 3-D technology.  This concept was seen on both short and long dresses, swimwear, shorts and tops.  To pump up the use of this sophisticated technology many of the shoes and bags were also designed to go with the Mirame garments.

The shoes were towering platforms with scales on the heels and added to the 3 dimensional quality of the show.  The show was innovative, bold and embodied a unique artistic expression.

Hair: Dennis Lanni for Arrojo Studio

Makeup: Gato for Maybelline


Images:  Style.com

Sheryl Blasnik



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