House of DVF returns for a second season

August 19, 2015
By Sheryl Blasnik

House of DVF 2

For those of you who enjoyed the first season of House of DVF you will be thrilled to hear that the show has been renewed for a second season. Episode one is set to premiere on Sunday, Sept 13 at 10/9c on E.

The show will air eight episodes and is expected to bring in very high reviews as it did last season. House of DVF will be shown in over 100 countries.

Diane von Furstenberg has built an empire of fashion for all women. She has long been a champion of women who want to choose their own destinies. In this new season the winner of the House of DVF season one show, Brittany Hampton, has been tasked with finding a new group of young women to repeat the successful show from last year.

I am excited to film a second season of House of DVF,” Diane von Furstenberg told NBC Universal. “The show is about my fashion world and while it is entertaining and informative, I will also continue to provide empowering messages to a generation of young women.”

Being chosen the DVF Global Brand Ambassador was a real coup for Brittany and she faces a challenging year ahead of her. However, Brittany will have Diane and all of the DVF team to help her with finding a group of intelligent and talented young women from whom they will find a new Global Brand Ambassador for this season.

Diane has been an innovative factor in the world of high fashion for a long time. This show is about the corporate side of fashion and is both entertaining and very informative. The show will bring empowerment to a new generation of young beautiful women. Diane will be bringing back with her Jessica Joffe and Stefani Greenfield, from DVF for their continued insight and professional advice. Brittany will be steering the show in her capacity as the current Global Brand Ambassador.

House of DVF is a mini documentary/series that will show the contenders for Brittany’s position next year how DVF handles many of its business aspects in the industry. House of DVF will be as entertaining and exciting as it was last season if not more so.

This new group of young women will be taught and learn to handle DVF’s PR, business affairs, scheduling, marketing sales and various events. It will be a stressful season for the young ladies with a pressure filled competition in trying to make it to the series finale and receive the job offer of a lifetime. If you love the exciting world of fashion, seeing ambitious young women compete for a magical job then be sure to tune into season two of House of DVF.

Watch the trailer for season two of House of DVF

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