Anya Hindmarch stickers: Design it yourself accessories

July 30, 2015
By Sheryl Blasnik

Anya Hindmarch Stickers

Do you want a unique custom designed handbag that you created? Anya Hindmarch stickers for bags may be the answer for you! Based in London, Anya Hindmarch has collaborated with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS Fashion to create one-of-a-kind stickers for handbags, clutches, laptop cases or cell phones. The stickers can be purchased individually or you can select a pre-designed bag with the stickers already adhered. Her new autumn line of bags just launched and they are totally unique, quirky and finely crafted with attention to detail. There is also a great color selection of clutches and totes designed for every sticker size and shape.

What are Anya Hindmarch stickers?

Don’t be fooled by the name as these are not your ordinary stickers. Hindmarch stickers are made of genuine leather and securely adhere to your purse, laptop case, or phone. Once the stickers are placed, your purse will look brand new, and no one will know those amazing designs were applied by you! Anya Hindmarch designed the stickers with inspiration from her childhood need to uniquely accessorize. Thanks to Anya, accessorizing with stickers is not just for kids anymore! Create adult, sleek accessories with these easy to use luxury stickers. The stickers are made of genuine, durable leather that will last as long as your accessory.

Not sure what looks good on your bag, case or phone? Anya offers an interactive sticker shop where you can pick and choose the stickers and place them yourself to see how they will look before you make your purchase. It is as simple as clicking on a sticker and then moving it until you are happy. Then simply pick your stickers and checkout.

The best part… There is no need to buy another expensive bag! You can place the stickers on the bags and accessories you already have in your closet. These stickers are a great way to spruce up an old bag and bring it back to life. Hindmarch’s leather stickers are a fraction of the cost of a new bag. Maybe you have an old bag that isn’t quite in style, but you love it anyway? Don’t throw it away, or hide it in the back of your closet for “someday”–add some modern touches with Anya Hindmarch’s luxury stickers. Friends will think you have a brand new bag!

This Line Stands Apart from all the Rest.

Handbags should make a statement and not just be used for functionality. Anya Hindmarch offers a playful option to spice up your head to toe look. The typography and icons on the stickers are immediately recognizable, yet styled in a way that makes them unlike any other luxury sticker on the market. Both Hindmarch’s handbags and stickers are designed using the finest quality leather and made to last.

Variety of Sticker Designs

One of the best qualities of Anya Hindmarch’s stickers is the large variety. Again, this helps to ensure that your bag can be as unique and personalized as you’d like. The line offers dozen of choices ranging from signs/symbols, word phrases, to plain letters and numbers. You can choose a pre-designed sticker, or you can create your messages using the letter stickers.  Some of my favorite stickers are the smiley face emoticons and the stickers with the tongue-in-cheek expressions such as  “I Love It! What Is It?” and “Slip It To Me“. Every season a new line of stickers will be produced so you can mix and match.

The bags and stickers made their catwalk debut during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 and now can be purchased globally at and at these fine retailers with free shipping:



Neiman Marcus

Overall, I give Anya Hindmarch a thumbs up. So girls, what do you have to say? Show us your stickers!!

Photo: Anya Hindmarch

Sheryl Blasnik



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